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Checking the facts
39th Annual Powwow Schedule of Events
Headlines from Indian Country
Simple needs, Hope for the future
What is LNI?
St. Joseph's receives Walmart Foundation grant
Remembering Wounded Knee - December 29, 1890
St. Joseph's teams up with artist Gregory Perillo to help the Lakota children.
Educate, Empower, Uplift, Refresh!
What's summer like at CRIO?
Meet St. Joseph's Eighth Grade Class of 2014!
Lakota (Sioux) star quilt raffle
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
The Pipeline - more than just oil
Working together in the community
St. Joseph's names 2014 Distinguished Alumnus
Sr. Madeline named St. Joseph's first Distinguished Alumna
Lakota (Sioux) students choose healthy lifestyles
What does your gift really mean?
A day in the life of a student at St. Joseph's Indian School
St. Joseph's Indian School presents 8th Annual Distinguished Alumnus Award
Meet Our 2014 Seniors!
Attention do you use,, or
Attention do you use,, or
This was started by love
Special Needs for Lakota (Sioux) Families
American Indian student honored
Renovations move forward despite winter weather
Excerpts from the sisters' diary (1941-1950)
Significant changes for St. Joseph's (mid-1960s to present)
Excerpts from the sisters' diary (1929-1938)
Excerpts from the sisters' diary (1952-1964)
Are you planning to shop online for Christmas?
Helping Native American families with children in need
Do not share confirmation
Survey received
Prayer card confirmation
Communication Preference Form Received
Donate with PayPal
November is American Diabetes Month
Save Five for our School!
Four Lakota Values
Thank you for sending a birthday card!
$72,386 in college scholarships awarded
Home renovation continues
ALERT - Urgent Needs!
Lakota children featured on Hidden America - Children of the Plains with Diane Sawyer
Native American Day - a time for sharing
Fifth-graders participate in Starbase
Scripture Reflection
Fun in the Sun
Preparing for high school, future
Murals celebrate Lakota culture
Learning in school and at home
Featured Lakota Dance: Jingle Dress
Why do you not meet all the standards of the Better Business Bureau?
Honoring the Lakota Akicita - warrior - on the anniversary of 9/11
Featured Lakota Dance: Traditional
Featured Lakota Dance: Grass
Reservation life presents harsh realities
Featured Lakota Dance: Men's Fancy
Lakota graduates off to college
Learning how choices matter
Featured Lakota Dance: Women's Fancy Shawl
Help St. Joseph's win a playground upgrade
School starts soon, reasons for attending shared
Outreach programs to help Lakota children and families on Indian reservations
501c(3) status
St. Joseph's employment opportunities
Bookmobile - free reading materials for South Dakota Indian reservations
Renovations move along through summer
Annual motorcycle run helps Lakota children
Helping the Lakota children heal
Alumni return to campus for reunion
Campus and Museum Tours
Make the most of your gift for the Lakota (Sioux) children!
Make the most of your gift for the Lakota (Sioux) children
Our Lady of the Sioux Chapel
Mission Awareness Day 2008
Lakota children, culture featured on Our America with Lisa Ling
Books for Native American families
Bringing supplies, hope to storm-ravaged Lakota community
Meet Our 2013 Seniors!
A bright future for Lakota (Sioux) graduates
Lakota students celebrate Fourth of July
Christmas holiday wishes!
Reservation life challenges Native American children
American Indian graduate takes next step
Native American students prepare for high school
Rising Eagle Day Camp
Lakota (Sioux) star quilt raffle winners
38th Powwow Cultural Program Schedule
Lakota students take a cultural trip
Lakota (Sioux) Dreamcatcher Legend
An indigenous bird: the holy eagle
Lakota (Sioux) star quilt raffle closed
Congratulations Graduates!
Another Way to Share
American Indian children learn life skills
St. Joseph's 2010 Distinguished Alumnus
Native American youth graduate high school
Helping Native American children through music
Building skills for life
In her own words
A gift of love from Wisconsin
Raising awareness, saving lives!
Awareness, Prevention at St. Joseph's Indian School
Giving Tuesday ... Giving Hope
A New way to give!
Lakota students, artist, create ornaments for National Christmas tree
Giving Tuesday ... Giving Hope
Offering hope, one simple need at a time
Campus Tours
Lakota students learn about careers
Native American families graduate FAST
Lakota children walk for sobriety, safety
Standing Rock Sioux Reservation
Yankton Sioux Reservation
Rosebud Sioux Reservation
Crow Creek Sioux Reservation
Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Reservation
Flandreau Santee Sioux Reservation
Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation
Lower Brule Sioux Reservation
Pine Ridge Reservation
Former student, principal recognized nationally
Spring Sports Underway
Lakota Phrase Archives
Native American artist works with students
Learning, Creating, Healing
Helping Lakota (Sioux) students find their spiritual path
Alumni offer insight
St. Joseph's names 2007 Distinguished Alumna
Alumni/Historical Center Ribbon Cutting
Building positive relationships
Lakota students benefit from mentor program
Coyote, a Native American legend
Lakota (Sioux) youth learn about indigenous birds
Help provide cameras for St. Joseph's art class!
American Indian students celebrate reading
St. Joseph's Indian School ... Part of a Larger Mission
St. Joseph's boys join Explorers
Native American students celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday
Native American students learn to cook
Lakota (Sioux) quillwork - art and legend
Professional painter visits art classes
Van B. St. John Jr.
Native American students LOVE to be drug free!
Celebrating Success at St. Joseph's Indian School
Bishop visits St. Joseph's
South Dakota Powwow Listing
American Indian students participate in Starbase
Big Sisters, Little Sisters, Lots of Fun
Play games or shop? The choice is yours!
GoodSearch - Giving to Lakota children while you search
How Will 2013 Taxes Affect You?
We reached our goal!
Native American youth perform Christmas concert
Lakota students sponsor holiday food drive
Election Day 2012 comes alive for students at St. Joseph's Indian School!
Students say NO to drugs!
St. Joseph's welcomes visitors
Thoughts and Prayers
Students say NO to drugs!
Lakota students help decorate State Capitol
St. Joseph's welcomes German visitors
St. Joseph's: A Circle of Courage School
Meet our Royalty!
New Leadership for St. Joseph's
Students share time, talent with elders
Native American students visit Germany
2014 Powwow Winners
Native American Day
Catholic-based education at St. Joseph's
Mission Statement
Testimonials from Lakota families, St. Joseph's donors and staff
Our Lady of the Sioux Chapel
Trace your Native American Ancestry
Directions from Interstate 90 to St. Joseph's Indian School campus
St. Joseph's employee benefits
Native American Silversmithing
Protecting Lakota (Sioux) Culture
Summer is in full swing - so are St. Joseph's projects!
Understanding the Great Sioux Nation
Bear Butte
The Battle of Little Bighorn
Black Hills
New Logo, Same Mission
Tasiha Unpi - Deer Bone Game
Ipahotonpi - pop gun
Icaslohe econpi
Unkcela pte
Inyan Onyeyapi
Lakota Games and Toys
Kevin Locke Circle of Life Hoop Dance
Legend of the White Buffalo
Honoring the Meadowlark
The Great Race
The Legend of the Prairie Rose
What are you grateful for?
Legend of the Dreamcatcher
Description of Amulet
Lakota Creation Story
The Legend of the Flute
The Buffalo and the Field Mouse
The Legend of Standing Rock
Origin of the Lakota Pipe
The Legend of Devil's Tower
How People Learned to Fish
Legend of the Coyote
Two Moon
Sitting Bull
Struck by the Ree
Little Crow
Buffalo Skies
Gabriel Renville
Congratulations Graduates
Frank Fools Crow
Chief Hump
Chief Gall
Lame White Man
Kicking Bear
Iron Nation
Rev. Thomas E. Mails
St. Joseph's Indian School presents 7th Annual Distinguished Alumni Awards
Meet our Lakota (Sioux) graduates
Drifting Goose
Inipi - The Rite of Purification
Hunkapi - The Making of Relatives
Lakota Quillwork Art and Legend
Ikto'mi the Trickster
Isnati Awicalowanpi - Coming of Age
Tiyóspaye - The Extended Family
Tapa Wankaye Yapi - The Throwing of the Ball
Hanbleceya - Crying for a Vision
Lakota Quillwork
Nagi Gluhapi - Keeping of the Soul
Wiwanke Wachipi - The Sun Dance
The End of the World
How Porcupine Got Quills
Thanks to YOU, we're celebrating 85 years!
Crazy Horse
Holy Eagle
Prairie Sage
Sacred Buffalo
Four Lakota Values
The Morning Star
Medicine Wheel Prayer
Buffalo Uses
Earth Prayer
Lakota Tipi
Count Coup
Sun Prayer
Four Directions Prayer
Owinja - Star Quilt
The Four Directions
The Great Spirit Prayer
Lakota Medicine Wheel
Sacred Tobacco
Keya - turtle
Morning Star Prayer
What does $20,000 worth of Box Tops for Education look like?
Join the Lakota (Sioux) boys and girls on Facebook!
Why would you send items made in China?
Chief Big Foot
Llewellyn Long Wolf
Alice New Holy Blue Legs
Russell Cournoyer
Oceti Sakowin
Oscar Howe
Douglas Fast Horse
Iktomi and the Coyote
Arthur Amiotte
Mark Powers
Thomas Mails
Martin St. John
Delphine Red Shirt
Nick Halsey
Lakota Moon Calendar
Vine Deloria, Jr.
Andrew Standing Soldier
Donald Montileaux
James Starkey
Wanda Blacksmith Peacock
Lorenzo Black Lance
Alfreda Beartrack
Bryan Akipa
Jim Yellowhawk
Ambrose Keeble
Don Brewer
Vic Runnels
Linda J. Thompson
Edward R. Thomas
Ella Cara Deloria
Daryl NoHeart
Red Cloud
Alan Monroe
Elton A. Three Stars, Sr.
Gerald Cournoyer
Dr. Charles A. Eastman
Paul Szabo
Del Iron Cloud
Carl J. Winters
Robert Freeman
Linda Tucker Szabo
King Kuka
Todd Bordeaux
Richard Red Owl
Artist statement: Gerald Cournoyer
Randall Blaze
Lakota Winter Count
Alfred Decoteau
American Horse
Luther Standing Bear
Bruce A. LaFountain
Juanita Harrison
Melvin Miner
Larry Decoteau
Robert Penn
Ivan Long
Daniel Long Soldier
Neil Parsons
JoAnne Bird
Lakota Moon Calendar: Sacred Meaning of Each Day
George Catlin
Art Terms
Michael L. Willcuts
Short Bull
Kenneth H. West, Jr.
Trace Your Native American Ancestry
Nelda Schrupp
Mitchell Zephier
Donald Ruleaux
Joseph Marshal III
He Dog
Spotted Tail
Roger Broer
Edward Two Bulls, Jr.
Kevin Locke
Martin Red Bear
Tom Phillips
Lakota (Sioux) students celebrate!
The Native American Drum
The Group Experience
Powwow Description
The History of the Powwow
Akta Lakota Museum History
Visitor Etiquette
Kateri Tekawitha Prayer
Museum Closure
Alumni & Historical Center's construction project
Thirteen Lakota Moons
Outdoor Medicine Wheel Garden
Blessed Kateri Tekawitha
Your information has been received
Looking for tax information?
Will my gift really make a difference?
Planned giving donor comments
Your loved one's information has been updated
Planned giving donor comments
Thank you for your interest
Thank you for your interest in receiving information
Thank you for your interest in receiving a charitable gift annuity proposal
Thank you for contacting us!
Honoring the Lakota Akicita - warrior - on Veterans' Day
St. Joseph's celebrates Feast of the Sacred Heart
St. Joseph's nutrition efforts recognized by Michelle Obama
Getting to know Pearl
Giving Back, Making a Difference
A day in the life of Caden
St. Joseph's Indian School - Dreamcatcher Legend
St. Joseph's special friends capture powwow activities
St. Joseph's receives Silver Healthier US School Challenge Award
Service Center
Christmas song vote
St. Joseph's Indian School's alumna gives back
Teacher named national educator of the month
St. Joseph's camper of the week
Exclusive event includes St. Joseph's Lakota youth
St. Joseph's graduates look ahead
Lakota (Sioux) students complete eighth grade
Native American graduate honored
Education today, hope for tomorrow
When I grow up, I want to be ...
New Sport, New Opportunities
Lakota girls attend GEMS workshop
Lifetime of giving earns special honor
Did you receive this mailing from us? Have questions?
Wasechun Tashunka - American Horse
Good for the heart!
Celebrating the holidays
St. Joseph's Founding Fathers
The Franciscan sisters
Cultural Preservation Fund a success
Learning the Lakota (Sioux) Culture, Language
St. Joseph's Indian School's 38th Annual Powwow
Our 38th Annual Powwow was a success!
Indian Country's suicide epidemic
Give the gift of culture
Help preserve Lakota culture today
Renovations in Native American homes continue
Video showcases campus renovation projects
Students visit sister school in Handrup, Germany
St. Joseph's welcomes Angel back to campus
St. Joseph's Summer Program
St. Joseph's Rising Eagle Day Camp was a success
St. Joseph's graduates look ahead
St. Joseph's graduates prepare for high school
Lakota students visit South Dakota State University
St. Joseph's Indian School earns reaccreditation
St. Joseph's holds 15th Annual Sobriety Walk
Lakota (Sioux) Medicine Wheel
Construction nears completion
Construction nears completion
Students learn traditional tobacco uses
The Sacred hoop and Lakota dancing
Donor Event Survey Submitted
Call Request Received
Celebrating families . . . giving thanks
Students help decorate South Dakota Capitol
Sacred Buffalo
Lakota (Sioux) Morning Star
Lakota Legend of the White Buffalo
Why do students attend St. Joseph's?
Why do you give?
St. Joseph's hosts German visitors
Tech school after Navy
Students attend South Dakota Governor's Camp
Target® helps Lakota children
Forget your password
Summer renovations begin on Lakota homes
Lakota (Sioux) Culture - Four Directions
Dangerous Wind Chills
Happy Valentine's Day!
St. Joseph's Indian School names 2009 Distinguished Alumnus
St. Joseph's Indian School names 2008 Distinguished Alumnus
Christmas memories
How far is far?
The Dawes Act February 8, 1887
A special visitor
Honor a loved one
Native American students share time and talent
Children remember family and friends
Event details
Grateful student gives Lakota (Sioux) star quilt
Musician works with Lakota students
Lakota (Sioux) students celebrate Native American Day
Native American Day
Powwow: A magical showcase of culture
Lakota students start new school year
Rising Eagle Day Camp wraps up
Lakota Culture & Student Leadership - Pride in it all
Lakota student attends Boys State
Home renovation continues
Lakota (Sioux) graduates prepare for high school
Native American students glow with excitement
Lakota students say NO to alcohol, drugs and tobacco!
Lakota (Sioux) students choose healthy lifestyles
Pieces of a Larger Mission
Planning for the future
Native children learn Lakota games
Spring is here
Help us reach our goal
Eight Lakota Families participate in FAST
Lakota students visit Washington D.C.
Native American students celebrate reading
Native American student reaches goal
New Native American online shopping center
Happy Valentine's Day
Native American students raise grades, self-esteem
Special needs alert for children in need
St. Joseph's Director Honored with Award
Will my gift to the Candy Cane Christmas Store really make a difference?
Reaching Farther
Native American students sponsor food drive
Farewell to former student
Sons of Eagle Horse to Perform at St. Joseph's
What are your summer plans?
Museum closure
What do the Lakota (Sioux) students do in the summer?
Students prepare for high school, future
Their future is bright - because of you
Temporary Hike in Annuity Rates!
Lakota (Sioux) students work with visiting artist
Pilamaya - thank you!
Student drum group works with mentor
Heavy Duty shares powerful message
Home renovation on schedule
Native American students LOVE to be drug free
Hear from St. Joseph's students
Out of Calendars
Reaching Farther
St. Joseph's Indian School receives literacy grant from RIF
Home renovation continues in cold weather
What are you grateful for?
Native American Day - a time for sharing
Buffalo Roundup brings cultural lessons to life
Home renovations at St. Joseph's moves towards final stages
Summer fun for the Lakota children
Urgent need for the Lakota children
Shop our online gift store
Thirteen Lakota (Sioux) months
Fierce winter weather conditions
Charitable IRA rollover
St. Joseph's team places 2nd in LNI knowledge bowl
Students work with Native American artist
Giving - the best gift of all
Native American students study US Constitution
Prayers for Fr. Steve
Students visit local popcorn ball factory
Students celebrate Christmas, make memories
Your tax information is on its way
Year-end giving
New York Times spotlights reservation woes