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American Indian Day and Powwow

38th Annual American Indian Day
& Powwow Celebration
September 12 - 13, 2014

View the Dennings Powwow video

Watch this unique video of a visitor's experience attending the St. Joseph's Indian School's powwow.

A traditional Lakota (Sioux) powwow helps Native American children, like those at St. Joseph's Indian School, appreciate their culture, develop pride in their heritage and share their traditions with friends like you from around the nation.

Since 1976, St. Joseph's Indian School has hosted an annual weekend of Lakota culture on our Chamberlain, South Dakota campus.

Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to attend many or all of our powwow activities.

Guests enjoy free Native American cultural activities like:

  • A tiyospayeextended family — banquet on Friday night
  • Cultural Activities — dreamcatcher crafting, book reading and signing, hoop dancing and more!
  • Tours of St. Joseph's campus, school and the children's homes
  • An all day powwow dance competition for Lakota children of all ages
  • Indian drum group competition
  • Traditional Lakota (Sioux) meals
  • And much, much more!!
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