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Chamberlain employment opportunities

We're always looking for great team members!

We're always looking for great team members!

Working at St. Joseph's Indian School is a blessing and a gift to the Native American children in need we serve.

Ambassador and Director

Summary of Position:
Native Hope, Inc. is operated by the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart SD, Inc. who also operates St. Joseph’s Indian School.

The Ambassador and Director position serves as the voice and face of Native Hope and is responsible for representing its mission; identifying opportunities to improve well-being within Indian Country; and attracting financial support for these programs. Requires working closely with the St. Joseph’s Indian School Integrated Marketing team and its vendor partners.

Accountability: President of Native Hope, Inc. Board of Directors


  • Advocates at the grass roots level for Native American issues that affect families and brings awareness to the general public.
  • Works closely with affected families in order to write/speak from authentic first-hand knowledge.
  • Works with St. Joseph’s Indian School marketing team, vendor partners and Native Hope staff to create site content including stories, photos, and video.
  • Is responsible for the overall fundraising strategy and its successful implementation.


  • Bone Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ) must be Native
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Dedicated self-starter with strong knowledge of online & social media channels
  • Good public speaking skills a plus

Health Center Receptionist

Summary of Position:
The Receptionist assists with morning appointments in the Health Center. The position also assists with medical and Medicaid paperwork and student transportation. This is a nonexempt school year position.

Accountability: Reports to the Supervising Nurse


  • Takes phone calls, makes appointments, and serves both students and staff in the Health Center
  • Assists medical staff in meeting the needs of the patients
  • Assists in the maintenance of health records


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Understands the importance of patient confidentiality
  • Working knowledge of basic computer skills i.e. typing, e-mail, Word, Excel
  • Ability to learn to use additional Health Center software programs
  • Must be able to drive and have a valid license

Facilities Department Administrative Assistant

Summary of Position:
The Administrative Assistant provides direct administrative support for the Facilities Department. This is an exempt position.

Accountability: Reports to the Facilities Manager


  • Assists the Facilities Leadership Team in developing and maintaining work, project, and preventative maintenance schedules for Facilities Department.
  • Maintains general files for the Facilities Department including, but not limited to, correspondence, purchases, bids and legal issues. Organizes the RQ process, prioritizing items, setting up work orders, communicating the status of the request and completing RQs on a timely basis.
  • Uses the Proteus program to maintain accurate and current inventory of Facilities Department supplies. Works with Accounting Department personnel to oversee the disposal of surplus property.


  • High School Diploma
  • Two-year related degree and experience preferred
  • Computer experience in Word and Excel
  • Ability to utilize the Proteus program
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Residential Coordinator (grades 4-6)

Summary of Position:
The Residential Coordinator is responsible for supervision of child care staff and overseeing day-to-day activities. Together with the other coordinators, trains new staff, supervises student record keeping, recommends admission and dismissal of all students, and monitors budgets. This is a year round position.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Works directly in conjunction with Residential Administration in coordinating student residential programming.
  • Communicates regularly with School Administration to promote cooperation between the residential program and school.
  • Directly supervises/evaluates Child Care Staff and ensures a “Reclaiming Environment” is promoted within each home.


  • 4-year degree preferred
  • Experience in residential care, social work, and/or social services preferred
  • 3-5 years supervisory experience preferred

Health Center RN

Summary of Position:
The Health Center RN is responsible for providing general nursing services to St. Joseph’s Indian School’s students and staff. The position participates in all aspects of the Health Center’s functions/procedures.

Core Responsibilities:
Implements processes to support the optimum level of health and wellness for the students and staff of St. Joseph's Indian School.


  • BA or Associate’s Degree
  • State nursing license

Senior Advisor

Summary of Position:
The Senior Program is designed to ensure that high school seniors develop the independent skills they will need once they graduate. The Advisor works extensively with the students both individually and programmatically to train and prepare them for successful post-graduate living.

Core Responsibility:
Create and implement an independent living program.


  • Valid driver’s license required. Drive distances, sometimes during evening hours
  • 4-year degree in related field for experience preferred
  • Working knowledge of basic computer skills i.e. typing, email
  • Knowledge and trends of the internet and social media preferred
  • Exhibits exceptional interpersonal skills and organizational skills

Museum Associate/s

The Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center is looking for responsible person/s who would like to work in the Museum during our summer schedule.

Summary of Position:
The Museum Associate is responsible for greeting visitors, conducting tours and transacting sales in the museum Gift Shop.

Conditions of Work:
This position will be 30-40 hours per week beginning April 1 through October 31 and requires working weekends and summer holidays. Dress code required.

Preferred Qualifications:
Applicant must have strong interpersonal and communication skills; must like working with the public.

Records Management Intern

Summary of Position:
The internship introduces the student to the challenge of managing library records in a museum setting. The project consists of inventorying and digitizing materials in the Akta Lakota Museum Research Library and St. Joseph’s Indian School memorabilia housed in the Akta Lakota Museum.

The intern will be responsible for organizing the collection of newspaper clippings, books and photographs and creating a working inventory. The intern will also be responsible for determining the condition of the items in need of conservation.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Inventories the current collection of research materials.
  • Carries out related data entry in the Museum’s collection database, PastPerfect, specifically for museum’s collections and libraries.
  • Completes appropriate housing for items currently un-housed.
  • Reports which objects are still in need of digitization, cataloging, etc. at end of internship period.


  • The qualified intern will demonstrate an ability to work independently and to attend to the details of the project
  • Good organizational skills and technical ability
  • An interest in history, library science, or museum studied required

Child Services Staff (Residential Staff)

  1. Single or married
  2. Strong role models
  3. Emotional and physical support
  4. Family-oriented
  5. Two staff members per home (12 students)
  6. 10 month contract
  7. Rotating schedule (six days on/three off)

We welcome all qualified applications and will keep on file for one year.

To apply, please send resume to:

St. Joseph's Indian School HR Dept.
Attn: Melissa
PO Box 89
Chamberlain, SD 57325