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Lakota Language Lesson

Pilamaya - thank you

Help the Lakota (Sioux) students learn more Native American cultural customs and traditions by donating today!

St. Joseph's Indian School knows without language, a culture dies.

Preserving and promoting awareness of their traditional language makes a difference for all Native American children.

Lakota youth at St. Joseph's Indian School learn their Native language and traditions. Sharing these lessons and our cultural resources around the globe helps preserve their culture and give Native American youth hope for a bright future.

Purchase your own Lakota (Sioux) reference materials from our Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center, and start learning the language today.

“I’m a donor to St. Joseph’s Indian School. I want to express my personal appreciation that this forgotten culture of people are regenerating their actual spoken language. Like the Cheyenne and Crow in Montana, they are conducting an educational strategy in reconnecting with their spoken language. It’s great to see this all happening.”

~ D. Standing Crow via Facebook

Lakota Words

    • Hawk četaŋ (chehtahn)
    • Coyote mayaleca (mahyahshlehchah)
    • Otter ptaŋ (ptan)
    • Porcupine pahiŋ (pahheen)
    • Prairie Dog pispisza (pishpeezah)
    • Big taŋka (tonka)
    • Little cik’ala (cheekala)
    • People oyate (oyate)
    • Friend kola (kola)
    • Holy wakaŋ (wakan)
    • Pray čekiya (chekeya)
    • Medicine pejuta (peyjuta)

Find Lakota (Sioux) language lessons here to learn the Native American language today!

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