Be a Dreamcatcher

Give dreams
of HOPE to
a Lakota
child today!

Be a Dreamcatcher

Give dreams of HOPE to a Lakota child today!

About St. Joseph's Indian School

Since 1927, St. Joseph's Indian School has served Lakota (Sioux) children and families.

Our mission is to educate Native American children and their families for life — mind, body, heart and spirit. This mission drives our organization to educate and provide housing for over 200 Lakota (Sioux) children each year — all at no cost to their families.

Child poverty and abuse are serious issues on Indian reservations. By supporting St. Joseph's Indian School, you are helping Native American children in need reestablish pride in their culture by learning the Lakota language, studying Native American culture and healing the broken family circle from which they come.

Why Your Support Matters

If you’re new to St. Joseph’s Indian School and the struggles facing Native Americans living in reservation communities, the following information will help you get familiar with both. We hope after reading, you’ll desire to help innocent Lakota children overcome the obstacles set against them. One by one, people like you are making work at St. Joseph’s possible.

Stories from our Lakota Indian School

2021 Named the Year of St. Joseph
Recently, Pope Francis announced the liturgical year of 2021 as the “Year of St. Joseph.”

As this is the patron saint for our school, it feels like an extra blessing. So, we made a video describing what else the announcement means to St. Joseph’s Indian School and we want to share it with you.
How St. Joseph’s Helped Prepare a Budding Astrophysicist
Every year, approximately 200 students live and learn on the campus of St. Joseph’s Indian School. We clothe them, supply them with virtually limitless educational resources, and nourish their bodies with healthy foods and their souls with teachings of Lakota culture and a faith in Jesus Christ.
When a Pillow Means so Much More
When parents and guardians drop their children off at St. Joseph’s Indian School at the start of every school year, we have pillowcases and pens ready.

It’s the perfect combination for parents to write heartfelt messages on their children’s pillow cases, something to comfort them each night.

You can be the reason Lakota Children Dream!

The DreamMakers are a special group of friends who give automatic monthly gifts to ensure the Lakota (Sioux) children are provided for year-round. For as little as 32 cents a day, 100% of your monthly contribution will go directly to helping meet our students’ immediate needs … and will help provide dreams for the future.

Our Programs

Children attending St. Joseph's benefit from individualized care plans that follow nationally approved and accredited techniques. Friends who support St. Joseph's Native American programs help provide for every aspect of each child's physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs.

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