St. Joseph's career opportunities

Career Opportunities at St. Joseph's - Join Our Team!

Employment at St. Joseph's is more than a job — it is life's great work!

From houseparenting to teaching, there is always work to be done at St. Joseph's Indian School!

Joining our team requires commitment to excellence, a positive attitude and respect for the Lakota (Sioux) culture. We seek individuals with the following qualities:

  • Extreme dedication
  • Enormous capacity to share and care
  • Team player for betterment of each child
  • Participation and appreciation of Lakota culture and spiritual development
  • Sense of mission in helping others less fortunate
  • Ability to motivate young people to think, respond and learn
  • Good stamina
  • A preference for order

Your interest is appreciated!

Chamberlain employment opportunities

Child Services Staff (Residential Staff)

  1. Single or married
  2. Strong role models
  3. Emotional and physical support
  4. Family-oriented
  5. Two staff members per home (12 students)
  6. 10 month contract
  7. Rotating schedule (six days on/three off)

We welcome all qualified applications and will keep on file for one year.

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Major Gifts Recurring Specialist — Recurring Donors

Summary of Position:
The Major Gifts Recurring Specialist — Recurring Donors focuses on donor engagement and satisfaction. Engagement is attained through multiple means of communication in a professional, respectful manner. Provides administrative/clerical support for those activities involving recurring gifts. This is a nonexempt position.

Reports to the Major Gifts Supervisor

Core Responsibilities:

  • Serves as the face and voice of St. Joseph’s Indian School.
  • Clearly articulates the mission, programs and events of St. Joseph’s with donors.
  • Serves a portfolio of high-value donors by solving their concerns or requests in a timely, helpful and fully conclusive manner; routinely updating them on program results and special projects and reaching out to them on their birthday and to thank them for gifts made.
  • Processes Recurring Donations according to established policies and procedures including verifying donors’ intention to establish, modify or end a Recurring Donation and answering any questions or concerns in a professional manner.


  • High school education.
  • Experience in telephone work and making numerous outbound calls.
  • Experience in successfully engaging individuals on the telephone is important.
  • Two years of customer service and telemarketing experience is highly desired.

Physical Demands:

  • Uses both hands and wrists repetitively for prolonged periods.
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Communications Specialist

Summary of Position:
The Communications Specialist supports communication processes across outreach programs to maximize consistency and measurably improve St. Joseph’s Indian School’s reputation among target audiences. This position utilizes various forms of media and communication to manage and protect the organization’s brand reputation while proactively promoting our mission. This is an exempt position.

Reports to the Director of Communication and Outreach

Core Responsibilities:

  • Creates messaging across St. Joseph’s Indian School and its outreach programs in a manner that is consistent, informative and synchronized, to maximize the impact on target audiences. Outreach programs include, but are not limited to Native Hope, the Akta Lakota Museum, Thrift Store and Alumni Relations, including scholarships and the bookmobile. Mediums include print, social, websites, blogs and podcasts.
  • Coordinates website updates, social media traffic and other internal communication. Manages and protects the organization’s brand reputation through produced content. Monitors and proactively responds to communication received from the public (social media, print media, etc.).
  • Follows and contributes to updates of all branding standards of St. Joseph’s Indian School and its outreaches.
  • Participates in the Communication Advisory Committee.
  • Assists in efforts to professionalize and promote a consistent, welcoming, user-friendly tone across all outreach environments and contact points.
  • Develops and implements a media relations strategy that includes maintenance of a press kit and crisis management plan, distribution of media releases and generation of positive media coverage. Develops and maintains relationships with local, regional, national and international media outlets. Pitches stories to media. Coordinates media interviews. Maintains media lists.
  • Conducts campus tours for visiting parties of interest with the goal of promoting further interest in the school and leveraging relationships to tell the St. Joseph Indian School Story.
  • Follows news related to topics of interest for the organization and generates ideas around trending topics.
  • Works with Child Services, Development, Native Hope and other outreaches to publicize efforts, increase audience awareness and create understanding of programs.
  • Assists as needed with strategic program initiatives.
  • Performs other responsibilities as required by the Director of Communication and Outreach.


  • BA
  • Experience in media coverage and strategy


  • Professional, published writing and other communication skills are required.
  • Proficient in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Adobe suite including InDesign, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram and other common social media.

Physical Demands:

  • Uses both hands and wrists repetitively for prolonged periods.
  • Physically able to conduct campus walking tour.
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Production Support

Summary of Position:
The position of Production Support is responsible for the operation of the inserting machines, under the guidance of the technical support, to assemble mail for posting. This is a nonexempt position.

Reports to the Production Supervisor

Core Responsibilities:

  • Set up and configure the inserting machine to begin new jobs and trouble-shoot any problems throughout the job.
  • Unpack and prepare materials for use on the inserting machine, keeping feeders filled to insure a smooth unbroken machine operation
  • Prepares and meters first class letters, flats and packages
  • Prepares all mail according to the USPS guidelines and policies/procedures of the development office
  • Removes garbage/recyclables to designated areas, maintain safe and clean work area
  • Performs other responsibilities as required by production supervisor.


  • High School Degree or equivalent preferred

Physical Demands:

  • Uses both hands and wrists repetitively for prolonged periods
  • Frequently lifts, carries or otherwise moves and positions bundles weighing up to 35 lbs. and occasionally 50 lbs.
  • Occasionally must push or pull carts weighing up to 250 lbs.
  • Ability to stand for prolonged periods
  • Uses the abdominal and lower back muscles to support part of the body repeatedly over time without becoming fatigued
  • Ability to read small numbers within a close distance (arm’s length)
  • Ear plugs are recommended and offered due to the loud work environment
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Recreation Intern

Summary of Position:
The Recreation Center Intern works in conjunction with other Rec Center staff to provide recreational education and program supervision for students and staff. This is a non-exempt position.

Reports to the Recreation Center Coordinator

Core Responsibilities:

  • Supports and models the Catholic Mission and the Native American Culture that are the foundations of St. Joseph’s Indian School.
  • Promotes a reclaiming environment for all students through the Circle of Courage.


  1. Must successfully complete LSCI, CPI, and CPR.
  2. Works directly with Rec. Center staff to provide programing to students and SJIS staff.
  3. Works directly with houseparents to help define and promote home recreational activities.
  4. Supervises athletic programming and activities in conjunction with the Rec Center staff.
  5. Assists with evening and weekend coverage of athletics and Rec Center programs.
  6. Serves as coach, referee, etc. for sports sponsored by the Rec Center.
  7. Defines, coordinates and supervises Wednesday Enrichment Night recreational component.
  8. Assists Rec Center staff with the promotion of adult programs.
  9. In conjunction with the Rec Center Coordinator, monitors the Rec Center facility to insure upkeep of the facilities and equipment.
  10. Submit intern requirements from the College to Rec. Center Coordinator.
  11. Completes other responsibilities as required by the Rec Center Coordinator.


  • Working towards a degree in Recreation or similar area of practice.

Typical Schedule:

  • 40 hours a week with a varying schedule dependent on need.
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To apply, please send resume to:
Attn: Karla Herman
PO Box 776
Chamberlain, SD 57325

Sioux Falls employment opportunities

Mission Advocate

Summary of Position:
The Mission Advocate is a multi-faceted position focused on revenue generation and exceptional donor service. This is a nonexempt position.

Reports to the Mission Advocate Supervisor

Core Responsibilities:

  • Represents St. Joseph’s Indian School and our mission in a positive and professional manner at all times, treating donors with the utmost respect — exceeding their expectations with every contact.
  • Comprehensively communicates verbally and in writing the mission, programs, and events of St. Joseph’s Indian School in an articulate manner.
  • Successfully requests and secures financial contributions from active and lapsed donors.
  • Make outbound calls to donors on behalf of St. Joseph Indian School with the purpose of gaining funds and thanking a contributor for their donation.


  • High School graduate or equivalent. College education or experience with non-profit preferred.
  • Prior customer care experience is highly desired.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
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To apply, please send resume to:
Attn: Karla Herman
PO Box 776
Chamberlain, SD 57325

St. Joseph's employee benefits

St. Joseph's Indian School is fortunate to be seated on the banks of the beautiful Missouri River, located in Chamberlain, South Dakota.

Chamberlain's population is about 2,350, and we are grateful to be part of a small, caring community. Chamberlain offers a thriving retail community, an excellent school system, hospital and numerous recreation opportunities.

As one of the largest employers in Chamberlain, St. Joseph's Indian School recognizes its standing in an aggressive job market.

Accordingly, we offer competitive salaries — plus one of the best benefit packages available in the area — beyond benefits required by law. All full-time regular employees are eligible for these benefits.

For your information, the terms we use have the following definitions:

Benefits — Compensatory contributions provided by the employer in addition to regular pay

Eligibility — Applies in general, full-time, regular employees; specific benefits may have specific requirements

Benefits regularly required by law

  • Social Security and Medicare
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) — Employees can take up to 12 weeks off unpaid for a family medical emergency.

Time off with pay

  • Holiday Pay — St. Joseph's Indian School observes several national and religious holidays each year, as determined by the management team
  • Accrued leave is for year round employees based on years of service
  • Granted leave is for all full time regular employees based on years of service
  • Maternity Leave — Six weeks at 60%; can take an additional six weeks of unpaid leave; employee must have one year of service at time of leave
  • Jury Duty/Court Time — Receive regular pay

Group Insurance Benefits

  • Life and Accidental Death and Disability — 2 times salary for employee; $10,000 for spouse; up to $5000 for child; accidental death double indemnity for employee
  • Voluntary Life
  • Health — Comprehensive medical plans available — Traditional & HDHP with HSA; modest premiums
  • Dental — Modest premiums
  • Vision — Modest premiums
  • Disability — Both long-term and short-term
  • COBRA — Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985 provides continuous health benefits; follows all Federal Law requirements

Retirement Benefit

  • Pension Plan — Provided through the U.S. Province of the Priests of the Sacred Heart; a noncontributory fund; employee is vested after five years of continuous service
  • TSA — A tax sheltered annuity plan through a payroll deduction is available to interested employees

Other Services

  • Free clinical services — With qualified medical staff for employees and family members
  • Annual physical free
  • Employee Assistant Program (EAP) — counseling service for employees and family members at no cost
  • Recreation/Wellness Center — available to employees and family members
  • Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center — offers 20% employee discount
  • Various activities including Dave Ramsey Financial Fitness, yoga and other groups

Note: Keep in mind the preceding is just an overview.

In addition to its benefits package, we offer an atmosphere of community in which employees and their families are active participants.

Annual employee events include the Christmas party, service awards banquet and staff appreciation breakfasts.

Families are invited to participate in some campus activities and encouraged to take advantage of family hours at the Recreation/Wellness Center.