I extend my greetings to all readers on a beautiful winter day. For several weeks, the students were sledding down the snowy hills on the playground at St. Joseph’s Indian School. This has a special place for our students who spend well needed time outdoors, momentarily away from the classroom as they use this time to be with friends, make new friends and reenergize and refocus.

We all need those moments of reenergizing and the planned resurfacing of the school playground is just around the corner. Typically, we need to resurface the playground every 10-15 years. I am looking forward to the resurfacing of the playground so today’s and tomorrow’s students continue to cherish many wonderful moments of laughter and play.

None of this is possible without your generosity which keeps several programs and other projects going! This includes the construction of our new Recreation Center, which is moving along smoothly. I look forward to the day that project is completed so that I am able to personally offer tours of the new Recreation Center along with the tours of our Equine Therapy Center, which has already been a huge success. The horses are happy to have a warm place to stay in the midst of winter days that are not as mild as a few days that we have had recently. Not only are the horses happy, but the students as well who have the opportunity to interact with them, no matter what the weather entails.

On February 14, we observed Ash Wednesday, beginning our school day with mass and the distribution of Ashes, reminding them that this is a time of reconciliation and healing — bringing hope to one another throughout the season of Lent and onwards. Thanks to your generosity, you have brought hope to our students who have been given opportunities to learn, grow and make a positive impact on those whom they encounter.

Peace and Blessings,
Fr. Gregory signature
Fr. Greg Schill, SCJ

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