Greetings DreamMakers!

Recently I was in the recreation center of St. Joseph’s watching and interacting with the students from at least two of the homes as they were shooting basketballs hoops, jump roping, etc.

As I had conversations with the students, I was thinking about the day we are to break ground for our newly expanded Rec Center. The students are joyful for what they have now, but are delighted with anticipation of what they will have when we have the newly anticipated Rec Center.

Just three days later, the architect firm that is planning the construction was on sight as they are near finalization. The architect firm has been very professional and I look forward to seeing their design become a reality. The expanded Rec Center will especially blossom during the cold months of the year, which are lengthy in South Dakota. Just the other morning the temperature was 17 degrees.

As I am grateful to our dedicated staff who serve the needs of our students I am also grateful to you as your generosity provides a holistic education for our students.

Peace and Blessings,
Fr. Gregory signature
Fr. Greg Schill, SCJ

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