A bright future for Lakota (Sioux) graduates

St. Joseph’s Indian School is proud to extend heartfelt congratulations to our college and technical school graduates!

Each received awards from St. Joseph’s Scholarship program. These Native American students worked hard to advance their education and we’re so proud of them!

  • Mona graduated from Mitchell Technical Institute as a Medical Assistant. She attended St. Joseph’s Indian School from 1981—1987.
  • Chris received his degree from Mitchell Technical Institute in Electrical Construction. He was part of St. Joseph’s High School Program and worked as a houseparent with the Lakota boys and girls for 13 years.
  • Weylin completed a degree in Transportation Technology at Western Dakota Tech. He attended St. Joseph’s from 1989—1997.
  • Chenoa graduated from the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology. She attended St. Joseph’s from 2001—2010.
  • KP received a degree from Wyoming Technical School in Auto Technology. He attended St. Joseph’s from 2006—2011.

Philámayayethank you — for your generosity. Thanks to you, these students are making their dreams a reality!