Did you receive a mailing from us? Have questions?

Recently we mailed out a package, filled with goodies, sharing information about St. Joseph’s Indian School and the Lakota (Sioux) children we care for on the prairies of South Dakota.

If you received this package, we realize you may have a few questions and comments, including, “WOW, that was a lot of ‘stuff’ … why would you send that?”

Reason 1: since you are reading this, you already know the answer … it caught your attention!

  • Our school is located in a rural area in Chamberlain, South Dakota. We don’t receive regular, ongoing federal support; we don’t have huge corporations sending us checks with several zeros at the end. Instead, we rely on caring individuals from across the country to support our work through tax-deductible donations, one gift at a time. Our work is life-changing and we want to alert as many people as we can about the poverty-stricken Lakota children in our care.

Reason 2: we hope by sending you the dreamcatcher related items you will help spread the word of our mission.

  • When you use the gifts from the package or hang a dreamcatcher in your home, you are showing support of the Lakota children in our care. You are helping spread the word to friends and family that you care for the children and support our life-changing work.

Reason 3: we respectfully ask for a donation in support of the Native American children at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

  • We rely on people — just like you — to ensure some of the poorest children in the United States are provided a top-notch education, are cared for in a loving and respectful manner, are educated about their heritage, and are given a real chance at breaking the cycle of poverty prevalent in reservation communities.

Your gift is so appreciated, and needed for all this good work to continue! Philámayayethank you — for your consideration!

Do you still have questions? These links may be helpful:

Still not sure about giving a donation? Call 1-800-341-2235 or email us!